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Master Your Money, Reclaim Your Life, Create Generational Wealth.

Are you a woman physician feeling overwhelmed, burned out, or lost in your financial journey? You’re not alone. Many women in medicine find themselves facing high student debt burdens and low financial literacy, often living paycheck to paycheck despite their hard-earned income. You might be going through a significant life transition—divorce, retirement, or a job change—and feeling the weight of financial uncertainty.

At MoneyFitMD, we understand the unique challenges you face. We’re here to help you navigate these turbulent times with confidence and clarity.  Come experience the magic of money coaching:


Diverse Community

No one else serves women as diverse as ours, embracing all backgrounds, cultures, and specialties.


Self-Relationship Focus

We teach money from a perspective that deepens your relationship with yourself, fostering personal growth alongside financial literacy.


Freedom with Debt

We are not anti-debt. Learn to live in freedom even with debt, gaining clarity and peace of mind without sacrificing your wellness.


Heart-Driven Support

We lead with heart and kindness, ensuring our guidance is empathetic and compassionate.


Life of Freedom

We believe we are born and created to live a life of freedom, helping you achieve financial liberation and a life of choice.

Hi, I’m Dr. Latifat, and I was where you are…

My journey to financial empowerment wasn’t straightforward. I’m a recovering people-pleaser and self-sacrificing ex-broke physician who once knew almost nothing about money. After struggling with traditional financial education, I found a more loving, judgment-free approach to money management.

I have gone from negative 200k in networth to multiple 7 figures. I have a diversified income source that has allowed me to take a year off travelling around the world and making memories with my husband and my three girls.

I’m not your typical money coach. I’m a mother, a physician, and the author of the bestselling book, Done with Broke – The Woman Physician’s Guide to More Money and Less Hustle. I believe in the power of diversity and absolutely hate all forms of disparity.

My mission is to give you the same mindset- and practical-investment-knowledge tools that I have used to help create my own freedom so that you can create yours too.

If you’re reading this, you’re my kind of people. I can’t wait to help you thrive and become the financial badass you were meant to be.

Master Your Money & Reclaim Your Life

Here’s how we work with women physicians and can help you discover financial empowerment while living your best life.

The Money School

A 12-month financial coaching community for women physicians, offering weekly calls, a private community, and an exclusive member-only podcast. Dive into improving your financial status while focusing on achieving what you truly want out of life.

Debt to Wealth Accelerator

This short mini-course will take you from debt hyper-focused to taking a sigh of relief because you finally have a plan & you know how to execute it

5-DAY Money Moves

Five days of money training with Dr. Latifat, access to the Know Your Money More Facebook group and workbook, strategies to increase savings, and a VIP pass to ask questions and get coached live by Dr. Latifat.

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Reclaim Your Financial Well-Being, Decrease Burnout, & Make more time for Family

As physicians, we work hard to take care of our patients.

We spent countless of hours learning and mastering the art of medicine.

We do it because we truly love our patients and want the world to be a better, healthier place.

We sacrifice a lot including ourselves, our relationships, our youth.

With the hope of making a difference.

What we didn’t expect was this high rate of burnout.

High student debt burden and low financial literacy has left so many physicians living paycheck to paycheck.

BUT NO WORRIES. The Tide is turning

Change is here.

Learn how to have money by combining financial education, life coaching tools, and lots of soulful joy, love and self- kindness.

Money-ing DOES’NT have to be hard or complicated or boring to be successful.

I can show you how.

It has helped me create the rich life that i love.

Now, it’s your turn

My Journey…Your Journey

Step By Step Guide To Finding Where You Are Wasting Money Now!

Wondering where your money is going every month, download this free guide to help you find your money leaks.

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