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EXCLUSIVE for women physicians (MD/DO/MBBS/DMD only)

Dr. Latifat Presents

The 5-DAY Money Moves Challenge for Women Physicians

So you can finally take actions on your financial goals – in just 5 days

Starting July 29th- Aug. 2nd

All you need to do is follow these 4 steps.


Join the challenge.


Show up for the challenge like you mean it.

(5pm PT/7pm central/ 8pm ET each day)


Commit yourself & do the daily transformative activity

(no more than 20 mins per day)


Reap the rewards. Get
closer to your financial
goals & freedom!

What Other Physicians
Are Saying About The Challenge?

Do you have a clear focus on your financial goals? How many of your 2024 financial goals have you knocked out?

Caring for your patients, family and working crazy long hours can result in your financial & life goals taking a back seat.

When you finally have the time, fear of making a mistake can lead to analysis paralysis.

If procrastination on our financial to-do list was a sport, I know many women physicians would get the gold medal ( that used to be me too).

Unfortunately, unless we change something, the typical path leads to burnout, exhaustion and a continued loss of control of our time and autonomy.

We are done with that! It’s time to choose the uncommon path that puts you back in charge of your own life.

My proven Money Moves Framework has turned my own finances AND life around. It helped me go from negative two hundred thousand dollars to being financially free in 5 years- without working extra shifts.

I transformed from being worried about burnout to traveling the world for a year with family. I want that transformation for you too!

I have had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of women physicians how to become the CEO of their finances.

P.S. If at the end of our time together, you don’t believe you got at least a 10x return on what you paid despite actively participating, we will gladly return your money (VIP only). See FAQ for details.

Why Should You Join The Money Moves Challenge?

What Other Physicians Are Saying

Our Immersive Challenge Schedule

Day 1: Financial

Mastering the science behind financial goal setting that leads to success

Science of Money Management

Day 2: Strategic

Unmasking the sneaky saboteur of success & tactics to annihilate

Actionable strategies –> immediate concrete changes

Day 3: Effective Communication
& Mindset Makeover

Handling financial discussions with confidence

Day 4: Systematizing

Tools for consistency & efficiency that leads to growth

Day 5: Growth and

How to take massive action that moves the money needle

Daily Homework

20 mins a day may be all you need to create massive change.


5-Day Money Moves Testimonials

I’m grateful for the support stepping into and growing the new riches of my life that have always been here. It’s been a game changer for my confidence and acceptance of my imperfect ways. I could go on, but I think you get it.

Dr Bonny

Pain Medicine & Rehab.

I’ve learned to move past the fear of not knowing how to manage finances to having clarity and a clear roadmap of how to create a wealthy life for myself and my family

Dr Hokehe

ADHD/Autism Pediatrician

I’m no longer intimidated by conversations about money or taking about numbers in general. I used to think that money is complicated. I also limited setting financial goals to budgeting only, pretty much “spend less and save more.”

“I am more confident about money, having conversations about it and how to make my money work for me. I have options and know my badass brain is my biggest asset and can make money outside my clinical salary.

Dr Lourdes

Primary care

What Other Physicians Are Saying About The Challenge

Are you in OR what?

In this challenge, you will not be an observer.
You will be a valued partaker.
A partner in money and freedom.
A part of a movement of women physicians reclaiming their own financial freedom and liberation.
5 days of Money Training
with Dr Latifat
Access to The Know Your
Money More FB
How to have more money left
EVEN before your income
The Money Moves Workbook
VIP Pass to Ask Questions from
and get coached live by Dr Latifat
No questions asked Money Back
Guarantee ( see FAQ for details)
Investment: $97 $297

Meet Your Instructor

I am Dr. Latifat Akintade. Seven years ago, I knew zero about money. I have since gone from broke to liberated. I am currently taking a year long travel sabbatical with my family. So far, we have visited 17 countries to date since we started.

I am a mama of three ladies, Gastroenterologist, creator of The Money School for Women Physicians and author of the bestselling book, Done with Broke – The Woman Physician’s guide to more money and less hustle (available on Amazon and Audible).

I also host a highly rated podcast, The MoneyFitMD podcast, where I share practical & mindset tips on how to create wealth from the inside out.

I believe every woman physician has the capacity and capabilities to have money and wealth. Unfortunately, we have been made to believe we are not good with money. We are taught to save like crazy as if that is the only way to build wealth. We are taught to work hard, grind harder, and avoid debt. It’s no wonder we are more likely to burn out and have less wealth.

More 5-Day Money Moves Testimonials

Having a safe, judgement-free zone where I could open up about my struggles was key. Every time I’ve felt vulnerable or shame around money, I’ve been met with love, understanding, and a deep appreciation from Latifat and other members.

Dr Samara


My mindset has undergone such major shifts with an increase in my mental fortitude. The best part is having the freedom of choice in how I spend my money and my life . This community is different and I know they always have my back.

Dr Shilpi


What Other Physicians Are Saying About The Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you serious about the refund?

Yup. If you subscribed for the VIP option and you participate- meaning you showed up on the calls, video on, did the homework and yet didn’t think you got at least a 10x return on the investment you paid to join, we will gladly return your money . Simply email&nbsp

When does the challenge begin?

Starting July 29th- Aug. 2nd. All sessions are at 5 PM PT.
VIP enjoy 1 hour of Q&A and coaching on M, W & F 4PM PT

Where will this take place?
We have a private pop up FB. The sessions will be holding
What if I don’t have FB?
Doing it online is easier for folks than in person. In the past, we have people that have joined FB just to participate in our events. You will be glad you did.
Do I need to do any prep beforehand?
Nope. Just come as you are. There will be a workbook to guide you through the process. And you get to keep that after our time together.

P.S. If at the end of our time together, you don’t believe you got at least a 10x return on what you paid despite actively participating, we will gladly return your money (VIP only). See FAQ for details