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EXCLUSIVE for women physicians (MD/DO/MBBS/DMD only)

About Money Fit MD

I am Dr. Latifat

I am a mother. A physician.

I am a money coach for Women Physicians and author of the bestselling book, Done with Broke – The woman physician’s guide to more money and less hustle

I am NOT normal

I use the word shit quite a lot.

I believe we all matter.

I believe diversity is the spice of life.

I hate disparities – health, money, ethnic… ALL OF IT!

I believe we are meant to create amazing things in life.

I also believe I can teach you to have money.


I wasn’t always like this.

I am a recovering people pleasing, self-sacrificing ex-broke physician.

I knew near zero about money.

After nearly banging my head against walls while trying to fit into the bucket of traditional financial education, I decided that a hematoma wouldn’t look good on me.

I decided it was safer and better for me to find a more loving, less shame-filled, and less judgmental approach to money.

Apparently, I am not alone in realizing that the traditional way of teaching money was not made with women or humans of color in mind.

After coaching hundreds of women physicians, I now know that we are not inherently sucky at money. The world has simply done a shitty job of teaching us healthy, fun, nonshameful, AND effectively simple ways of doing it.


To show, tell, and teach women physicians of all color that money is doable AND is never a reason to not live life as our truest self.

To see money in the hands of more women physicians so we can do more good together in the world.

I do this through The MoneyFitMD podcast & The MoneyFitMD money school for women physicians ( MSB)

If you are still reading, it means YOU ARE MY PEOPLE.

I can’t wait to meet you and help you thrive like the money badass you were made to be.