Want to learn how other women are breaking the mold through true financial freedom?

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Done with Broke. A woman physician’s Guide to more money and less hustle.

Do you want to create wealth without subscribing to the world of more crazy hustling?

Do you want to live your life on your terms, without having to worry about money in your lifetime AND for generations?

Maybe like me, you get very pissed off about stuff that is really jacked up BUT you are waiting to be financially free to NOT be stuck here. Maybe then you can start to make real changes?

Or maybe you simply want to learn THE REAL WEALTH-MINDED way to approach your finances.

Let’s be real, so many of us have dreams we are passionate about. We know deep inside that WE JUST WANT TO BE FREE because we would then be able to UNLEASH the power within us. Sometimes that power is REST.

You already know that if money wasn’t a THING, you would be choosing different, bigger, better, or simply breaking more shit

(in the best way possible).

You are already a successful badass physician, now it’s time to be great at money too.

The current financial miseducation isn't working for us. It’s time to get re-educated in a way that builds wealth,

This book will show exactly how to do just that!

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have more money without the hustle.


The current state of affairs isn’t working for women physicians.

It’s time to turn

these ship around.

We didn’t get through a million years of training simply to live in regret.

I am Dr Latifat. I am a board-certified Gastroenterologist. I am also the creator of The MoneyFitMD Money Coaching School where we teach women to build wealth without hustling.

Would you believe that six years ago, i knew zero about money.I didn't even know what a freaking 401k was.

I had bought into the lie that I was bad with money. I thought i just needed to work harder and grind harder. And at the age of 65, I would (hopefully) be gifted with a nice retirement package.

But as a mother of three children and daughter of hardworking parents- including a dad that died two years after traditional retirement age, i knew that living my life for the promise of a retirement plan ONLY just ain't gonna cut it.

Over the last few years, I have learned a lot, and made many mistakes and achieved financial liberation WITHOUT working extra shifts or hustling to the ground.

But I have also learned that our current financial education system is jacked up! It is NOT made with women in mind. It is NOT made with women of color in mind.

After coaching hundreds of women and seeing the life-transforming power of what I have learned, I have distilled the most important points into these pages.

And i am handing it over to you.

Join us as women physicians saying NO to the status quo of financial education that limits us, shames us, and entraps us.

We are DONE WITH BROKE now and in the future. This book with show you THE HOW.

I am on a mission to equip women financially, so they can be free to live life on purpose without burnout. We are already badass at medicine. Now it is time to be badass as money. Grow our networth, the wealthy way!

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Simone Seol

Founder of Joyful Marketing& podcast host

This book is the medicine that the field of medicine needs to make sure that its stewards are well-resourced enough to be able to keep doing what they love; being of service.
Dr. Latifat Akintade is the answer to many women physician’s prayers. As an immigrant, a woman of color, mother and community leader, she has been spearheading a movement of financial empowerment that has made huge ripples through the medical world . Integrating practical know-how with the lived experience of a woman physician of color, she speaks with a rare combination of wisdom, kindness and humor that will cut through fear and resistance to help people to create real and lasting change.
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Dr Leti Alto

Semi-RetiredMD & Doctors Building Wealth podcast.

Dr. Latifat Akintade is a true champion of female physicians, educating and empowering them to reach financial independence and freedom. She is a thought leader and guide for those who want to challenge cultural norms around what it means to have and spend money as a woman.
If you're a woman physician looking to change your relationship with money, I highly suggest reading this book and putting its actionable framework to work to redefine your relationship with money and, ultimately, claim real wealth
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Dr. Nneka Unachukwu.

Founder, EntreMD Business School Pediatrician, serial entrepreneur and best selling author.

This book is part of how we are going to change the future. Physicians can be great at money. All we need is a blueprint that shows us how to change how we think about money, so we can live life and practice medicine on our terms.
I cannot begin to explain how happy I am that Dr. Latifat wrote this book for women physicians. As physicians, we have been told many lies about what we can or cannot do. Lies that we are not good at money. We unfortunately have started to believe this lie. The tide is turning and we now call a bluff. Dr. Latifat has done that for herself and many other doctors. Now we all get access to her brilliance. The book is here. Grab your copy and read it now.
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Dr. J. Bianca Roberts

President, Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society, 2023, Family Medicine Physician.

All women physicians (and especially women physicians of color) should read her book if they are ready to have a rich life today while planning for tomorrow.
It is impossible to calculate how much women physicians gain from being coached by Dr. Latifat Akintade. So many have been stuck working to pay bills rather than practicing medicine (on our own terms) and living out our callings. Her wealth of knowledge empowers us to truly understand and achieve financial success and true wealth.
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Dr Chiagozie Fawole

Founder, Savvy Docs in Real Estate Practicing pediatric Anesthesiologist

Her conversations about money in this book are like a welcome hug from a friend that “gets you.” No blame. No shame. Just sound concepts to help you step into the fullness of your money strength as a Woman Physician!
I’m so glad Dr. Akintade has packaged her GENIUS into a book! If you ever felt overwhelmed about money, and may be judged yourself for what you felt were dumb decisions in hindsight, grab a cup, find a cozy corner, and dive right in.
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Dr Hala Sabry

Founder, The Physician Moms Group (PMG) Emergency Medicine Physician.

This book is a must-read for all women who want to create wealth without burning out from a hustle mentality. Dr. Akintadeapproaches money mindset in a manner that is respectful of women physicians’ starting points while honoring the intersectional discrimination they face as she leads them to overcome their barriers to accomplish their financial goals.
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Dr. Sunny Smith.

Founder, Empowering Women Physician & Podcast host.

You may never see your finances, earning potential, or freedom the same way.
This book is unlike many other finance or physician finance books as it talks about the background and the why, with our own personal and professional context in the forefront, before talking about the how. Dr. Latifat Akintade is a well-recognized expert when it comes to teaching money and finances for women physicians. She has a unique approach that is first and foremost about compassion, meeting ourselves right where we are, then making a plan to get where we want to be. She helps women feel comfortable actually finally talking about money. It is essential that women physicians get to know their numbers and speak about numbers so that we aren't complicit in a career and society that has created significant gender and racial pay disparities and resulting wealth gaps.