If you are a woman physician feeling stuck because of debt, you want The Debt Freedom Blueprint.

This short mini-course will take you from debt hyper-focused to taking a sigh of relief because you finally have a plan & you know how to execute it.

Did you know that..

The average physician has over $200k in debt.

The more your debt burden, the higher the risk of burnout.

As a woman physician, you are at higher risk of burnout.

Higher risk for being stuck in shitty jobs & situations we need to get out of.

Unfortunately the medical system and traditional financial education isn't helping.

We are taught that all debt is bad, so

Work more ( and longer) clinical hours

Find gigs outside of medicine in your spare time as if you don't deserve to rest

Live in the shame ofhaving debt

Hope you quality for loan forgiveness one day IF the powers that be want to done by then

ou are taught to hate debt BUT with no clear plans on how to guarantee it's paid off.

Hustling harder, grinding harder isnt the way to sleep well at night.

And you and I know just how important that is!

You need a plan that makes sense in our current world of physician burnout and fatigue.

What if you can pay off your debt, build wealth and not hustle so dangerously hard - even when you have DEBT?



This is NOT another class to come simply learn in.

This is a transformative learning experience that will help you eliminate unhelpful debt without grinding harder.

You are about to access knowledge that has the power to change how you see & manage debt forever .

By the end of this training, if you are not screaming and wondering where the heck no one had taught you LIKE THIS before, you can simply ask for your money back and you will get it. No questions asked.

We are that confident in the transformative power of what you are about to learn.

What others have to say....


Latifat is fun and easy to talk to. She is inspiring and motivating---she was able to focus in on key points in a short period of time! It was great!

Dr. Taiwo

=The thought of debt used to overwhelm me, but to learn that there are opportunities to work with it and use it was empowering. Also knowing about the amortization schedule and knowing how to set an end date was also empowering.

Dr Rose

DWA was fun, informative & thought provoking. You can begin to change your money story in just 4 weeks time, imagine what can happen inside the money school!

What you will learn

The step-by-step to go from being a worried debtor to someone that builds wealth.

To take your debt from debilitation, overwhelming to organized, clear, and concise

A debt annihilation plan that WORKS FOR YOUR LIFE, not against you.

The societal, familiar factors that have led us to this point. It really ISN'T your fault.




When You Sign Up, You Get Immediate

Access To:


Your Wealthy Badass you system - $299 value.

Change your identity from debtor to someone that can control wealth.


Masterclass - $97 value

How to have money left at the end of the month EVEN before your income increases.


The building abundance - $139 value

How you can create more money to achieve their goals faster

Bonus 4:

The visual debt to wealth motivation guide - $99 value

Th two important calculators that have helped me pay off debt in half the time i planned using the power of motivation.



I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Latifat and she truly opened my eyes to the fact that not all debt is bad.She helped me understand the difference between accumulating liabilities and growing assets that will increase my net worth. Thanks to her guidance, I now feel more confident in making purchases that align with my goals and won't leave me regretting them in six months. Dr. Latifat not only helped me live in the present, but also plan for a financially secure future


"Dr. Latifat is a true game changer when it comes to understanding the power of debt. I used to carry a lot of shame around my debt, but she helped me see that it can actually be a powerful tool. Her coaching has not only helped me have a better relationship with money but also understand how to make it work for me.Thanks to her guidance, I was able to take a leap of faith and buy a vacation home in my dream destination. It was a scary decision, but one I never would have made without her brilliant coaching. She has truly changed my perspective and given me the confidence to make smart financial decisions. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone looking to improve their relationship with money and make it work for them


I never thought I would be in a position to post a testimonial like this, but the feeling of relief and accomplishment is truly indescribable.I am incredibly grateful to MoneyfitMD Latifat Akintade for introducing me to the concept of student loan refinancing during a July 4th barbecue.As a resident, I had always viewed my student loans as a lifelong commitment, but thanks to her guidance and expertise, I am now on the path to financial freedom.I cannot thank MoneyfitMD Latifat Akintade enough for her inspiration and support throughout this process.She truly cares about her clients and goes above and beyond to ensure their success.I am forever grateful for her help and would highly recommend her Coaching to anyone looking to take control of their finances."

About The Accelerator

✔️Immediate access to 4-part series.

✔️Checklists and blueprints that will help accelerate your growth

✔️The Wealthy Badass Masterclass so you can change your identity from debtor to the wealthy you.

✔️The building abundance training- How anyone can create more money to achieve their goals faster.

✔️The two important calculators that helped me motivated to pay off debt to 2.5 year instead of 5 years

You deserve to have true freedom from debt so you can live life well and practice medicine in a way that is healthy and live your life freely in a way that is purpose and joy driven.


The Debt Freedom Accelerator Blueprint

Is this going to be helpful if I have non-student loans?

Yes, if you have any kind of debt currently OR simply want to learn how you can use debt better as you build wealth, this will help you. 

Are you serious about the refund policy?

Yup! I am so committed to our goal to help women physicians be well AND know the power of what we are teaching. If you attend the live session, show up, use the resources and sheets given BUT still not think you got at least 10x your return on investment, we will refund your money plus additional $50. We are not playing in 2023!

How much time should I dedicate?

You can do this as your pace- Netflix style. But you can also be done in one week. You decide. You are the boss 

What if I have additional questions

Email my team at concierge@moneyfitmd.com. We typically respond within 24-48 hours. 

Meet Your Instructor

I am Dr. Latifat Akintade. I am a Gastroenterologist and money & wealth coach for Women Physicians.

Like most physicians, I finished fellowship with zero idea on how i was going to tackle the multiple six figure debt i had. I also knew nothing about money. I was a busy of two toddlers at that point.

I knew i loved medicine but wanted to be able to do it on my terms. I didn't want to burnout in medicine.

I paid off multiple six figures in debt in half the time i had planned. And also gone on to build a very healthy networth that has allowed my family and i travel the world during a year travel sabbatical.

I believe that women physicians are positioned to be great at money and change our story around debt. That way, we can live life and practice medicine in a way that is healthy, joyful and sustainable.
I have coached hundreds of women physicians to do this AND now, it's your turn.

I cannot wait to share this transformative sessions with you.