Wealth-Building from Within: Discover Your unique Financial Character

To build wealth in a way that feels aligned, you must first understand your unique wealth personality.

Once you realize this, your next clear path will become evident.

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When it comes to managing my finances and building wealth,

Do you believe that financial success is within your control? 

When it comes to changing unhelpful beliefs or attitudes about money,

I have set clear, specific financial goals for my future. 

I regularly review and adjust my financial goals based on my life circumstances and priorities?

How often do you actively seek out financial education resources (e.g., books, courses, workshops) to enhance your financial knowledge?"   

Do you feel comfortable discussing financial matters with peers? 

Are you mindful of how your financial decisions align with your values and well-being

Have you incorporated practices like meditation, mindfulness, or gratitude into your daily routine to enhance your well-being?" 

Which wealth-building habits do you find most appealing?

Are you actively taking steps to implement your chosen wealth-building strategy

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The Confident Wealth Builder

Your super power

You are a confident wealth builder. You believe your financial success is within your control and are open to changing negative beliefs so that you can grow.

You are growth minded and a leader. You already see that when your money and priorities align, you can grow your wealth and life in a way that aligns.

You are also very clear about following your path as long as you know what is next.

You are a learner and not afraid to learn what you don't already know. This means that nothing is impossible for you and you are one resource away from filling in the gaps that exist in your knowledge.

How to build your wealth even faster and wholly!

It is important for you to make sure that you are being sensitive to when it is time to change directions and pivot. Not just from a knowledge perspective but from an action perspective. As much as learning is fun, remember that the only way to really create what you want is through taking actions.

Focusing on your vehicle of wealth growth is important and you are good at that. It is important to know when it is time to diversify. Your diversification doesn't have to be all active. You can find ways to invest passively so that you can keep your eyes on your chosen active source.

Wealth building is about money and more than that. I came up with the 9 arms in wealth building. Ignoring one will make your wealthy life feel incomplete. There is no perfectionism in this but knowing the arms will help you achieve the true complete wealth you want.

In order to go to the next level, make sure you are placing yourself in communities and peer groups that will keep spurring you on. It is important for it to be a well rounded, wealth abundance focused community so that you will continue to build in a way that is balanced, focused and abundant.

I am Dr Latifat. I am a Gastroenterologist, mama of three little ladies and wealth coach for women physicians. I believe that every woman physician has the capacity to build wealth. I believe that money is a tool for good. I have the privilege of being the founder of The MoneyFitMD wealth community for women physicians- a 12 month membership for women that are committed to living life on their own terms.

Imagine being in a village where everyone is looking out for each other, learning from each other, normalizing the journey to wealth building. I mentor and coach these amazing women so that in 12 months, they create amazing wins.

Our members are diverse, live in various countries and represent many specialities in medicine. Some are single, divorced and in relationships. Some are parents, others are not. You will find your people here. We match with a money buddy that is committed to seeing you win.

They are examples of what’s possible when you mind your wealth business. They are kind and impact driven. They know they are on this earth for a finite time and are committed to leaving a legacy, helping those they are here to help and not wasting their one life.

There is no community like this for women physicians.

If you want to commit the next 12 months to hypercharging your net worth and building your wealth, we welcome you here.

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