Is this you?Is this you?

You are a hardworking woman physician, tirelessly navigating the medical world with your remarkable skills and intelligence?

You're a true powerhouse.

Maybe you have been making changes in your finances BUT you want to create changes that are sustainable and will help you create your 7 figure life.


The Millionaire Doctor Webinar

🎯Learn the path to making your 7 figure life inevitable.

🎯How to stop trading time for money in order to create your freedom fueled life.

🎯Redefining the million dollar life for women physicians.

This will be 90 minutes that you will be glad you attended BECAUSE you finally will have the "how" and can execute WITHOUT grinding to pieces.

What You'll Gain from The Millionaire Doctor Webinar:

🎯 Proven Strategies: Uncover the practical steps to create wealth.

🎯 Sustainable Success: Learn how to decrease burnout on your way.

🎯 Ethical Prosperity: Discover how to flourish financially without compromising your core values.

🎯 Mindset Shift: Master the psychology of money to supercharge your financial journey.

🎯 Expert Guidance: Benefit from insights & leveraged experiences of successful women physicians.

Meet Your Instructor

I am Dr. Latifat Akintade. I am a Gastroenterologist, creator of The Money School for Women Physicians and author of the bestselling book, Done with Broke - The woman physician’s guide to more money and less hustle
(available in on amazon and audible).

I also host a highly rated podcast "The MoneyFitMD podcast" where I share practice tips on how to create wealth from the inside out.

I believe every woman physician has the capacity and capabilities to have money. Unfortunately, we have been made to believe we are not good with money. We are taught to save like crazy as if that is the only way to build wealth. We are taught to work hard, grind harder, and avoid debt. It's no wonder we are more likely to burn out and have less wealth.

The good news is we can change that.

My goal is that every woman physician will have money and feel empowered financially, so they can practice medicine and live life on their own terms, irrespective of their specialty or their story.

True wealth, without the burnout!

It's a money revolution and you are invited to be a part of it.