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Dear woman physician,

Are you ready to take control of your money (and

stop feeling overwhelmed about it )?

Let's get you the missing pieces in your wealth


Let's get you Money-Fit.

Dear woman physician,

Are you ready to take control of your money (and stop feeling overwhelmed about it )?

Let's get you the missing pieces in your wealth journey.

Let's get you Money-Fit.

As a hardworking, badass woman physician, you should never have to worry about money.

Unfortunately, the lack of financial educationin our training has left a gap. This is why I created this 5-day mini-video series.

It will take you through the core components that will help you learn how to have money left.

It's my gift to you. Just for being YOU.

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We've been told that money should be serious, mono-toned, hard, taboo & dry. It's no wonder it has been unattractive.

Until now.

Come experience the magic of money coaching.

Disclaimer: Be warned, you may start to actually like money, make money moves and be very successful at it.

The best part about this is that you with money is a great thing for the world.

My Journey...Your Journey

Taofeqat A

"...smashed limiting beliefs..."

“Like a lot of people, I had a lot of student debt. I was getting super comfortable with living from paycheck to paycheck- despite making a good income. Working with Latifat made me realize i could actually break that cycle. Now i can sleep better at night. No more mindless credit card debt. So glad i found her when i did. She will change your money life and smash your limiting beliefs.”

Zainab K

"...from paycheck to paycheck to money in the bank..."

“After working with moneyfitmd, I now have money at my disposal and spend consciously. I've never felt so worry-free when it comes to money. She transformed my mindset about money”

As physicians, we work hard to take care of our patients.

We spent countless of hours learning and mastering the art of medicine.

We do it because we truly love our patients and want the world to be a better, healthier place.

We sacrifice a lot including ourselves, our relationships, our youth.

With the hope of making a difference.

What we didn't expect was this high rate of burnout.

High student debt burden and low financial literacy has left so many physicians living paycheck to paycheck.

BUT NO WORRIES. The Tide is turning

Change is here.

I teach women physicians how to have money by combining financial education, life coaching tools and lots of soulful joy, love and self- kindness.

Money-ing DOES'NT have to be hard or complicated or boring to be successful.

I can show you how.

It has helped me create the rich life that i love.

Now, it's your turn

Rob Bee "


“I can't explain enough how grateful I am for receiving financial coaching from MoneyFitMD. I didn't learn about finances and debt while growing up and unfortunately had a significant student loan and credit card debt upon graduating from medical school. I paid for financial advisor services during residency but was advised more on life insurance rather than growing wealth. With her coaching, I've paid off all of my student loans and have no debt. My family has actual savings, investments, and a college savings plan in place. The next step is to explore other investment opportunities to create generational wealth.”

Step By Step Guide To Finding Where You Are Wasting Money Now!

Wondering where your money is going every month, download this free guide to help you find your money leaks.

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